Most of what you would call my thinkings occurs while doing something. Driving a car for example this morning up Parsons Boulevard reading the store signs on Easter Sunday, while I impressed myself on myself to return to that image I was having later, as I do now, by writing about it. I moved to the location I am writing from over a year ago now. The credit process was made expedient by our presentation as an engaged heterosexual couple. This was not the only time we spoke about marriage, but it was the first seeing it done for the formalization - to expedite - some clerical process. Our realtor, Oren, a nervous yet confident assemblage of Euro-Asian sensibility, advocated for the determination to both calm his flaring morals and get a transaction done. We drove around like wildfire, first from Astoria to the realty office in Forest Hills, down to Long Beach and back. It may have been Oren wanted the transaction done by a certain time of day which compelled him to push us: we had credit, but did not pass the income threshold. Christina was working in a bar in Astoria at the time, a place with too many TVs run by an egghead from Westchester. She made enough money during the preceding month, December, for us to qualify at least near the income threshold when expanded out for the whole year, despite her having worked there only 2 months, and the month they derived the yearly figure from being a good financial one for bartenders.

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